It is our mission to treat each of our patients like they are a member of our own family. But our services and commitment to excellence do not stop there.


Mission Statement

Large enough to serve you and small enough to actually know your name

As one of the premier wound care management companies in America we pride ourselves in our personal hands-on relationships with our partner hospitals. We are large enough to serve you and small enough to actually know your name. Furthermore, we understand that quality patient care is at the heart of our existence.

SHS Mission

The mission of Shared Health Services is to be a leading national wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy management company. We will accomplish this national reputation by delivering amazing service, healing chronic wounds, improving patient outcomes, helping to prevent limb loss and providing a profitable service for our company and our contracted hospitals. Furthermore, we will develop long-lasting relationships with our contracted hospitals, and physicians, as we build our business using Christian values as our guide. We will also provide exceptional patient care by treating each of our patients like they are a member of our own family.

Company Goals:
  1. Keep our hospital partners informed of both new and proposed healthcare regulations related to outpatient Wound Care Centers.
  2. Assist our contracted partners in the adoption of new regulations prior to any negative impact occurring.
  3. Implement necessary changes to specific policies and procedures to enable our partner hospitals to comply with regulations while maintaining profitability.

Committed to provide a value added service


Our staff recognizes and understands each provider's capabilities and limitations and works hard to ensure all levels of compliance with minimal provider sacrifices.

At SHS our commitment to provide a value added service to your facility as a whole, gives you the confidence that many of your hospital wide initiatives will be positively impacted; resulting in a quality of care in which you can be proud to offer and most importantly, get paid for doing.

Much like a three legged stool, our programs are most successful when, all three legs; in this case, the hospital, the physicians and Shared Health Services are all working in tandem to provide your patients with the very best in Comprehensive Wound Care services.

SHS Mission

We know that as we partner with you; not only the reputation of your hospital, but the reputation of Shared Health Services is at stake, as well. As such, you can expect reliability, integrity and credibility as a hallmark of that partnership as we work to not only protect you, but provide you with excellence both clinically and financially.


Once your Wound Treatment Center is established, our involvement is ongoing, with day-to-day management of the facility, and continuing in-service education for all your Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy employees.

And in addition to our own expertise, we are able to bring in other nationally-known consultants and industry experts to maximize our value to our contracted institutions...

If you would like to improve your profitability, and the quality of life in your community, give us a call at 1-800-474-0202.