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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you looking to find a new wound care and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) management company for your hospital?
A: If so, Shared Health Services (SHS) is a wound care management company who contracts with hospitals to help them open and manage successful outpatient Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centers. The mission of our Centers of Excellence is to heal chronic wounds, improve patient outcomes, help prevent limb loss and provide a profitable service for our contracted hospitals.

Q: Why choose Shared Health Services?
A: Shared Health Services is a full-service provider of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Beginning with site evaluation, hyperbaric chambers, and related equipment, we'll provide you with a turnkey Wound Care and/or Hyperbaric Center, including everything from day-to-day management of the facility; to assisting you with the marketing and educational responsibilities to ensure community and physician participation.

Q: Are you spending too much for your current wound care company?
A: If you are currently paying your wound care management company the majority of your wound care and hyperbaric revenue, you are paying too much. We have found that we can often reduce your wound care and hyperbaric oxygen fees by 25%-50% over other wound care companies.

Q: Do you have a true partnership with your current wound care management company?
A: We have found some hospitals who have lost control of their Wound Care and Hyperbaric Centers with other huge wound care management companies. It is our goal to be a true partner with our contracted hospitals. We want to build longstanding relationships with our hospital partners.

Q: Can Shared Health Services transition my existing Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center from another contract provider?
A: Yes. We can easily bring in new hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers and staff, if needed. We will also assist you with your chargemaster updates and educational needs.

Q: Does Shared Health Services have more than one business model for hospitals to choose from?
A: Yes. We want our partner hospitals to have a business relationship that makes sense for their local communities. We will provide a contract structure that best meets the needs of our partner hospitals. For instance, we are able to help hospitals open and operate a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center from the ground up. We can also transition from a previous wound care management company, or simply add hyperbaric oxygen therapy to a hospital's already existing Wound Care Center. We want to be a true partner where everyone wins; the patient, the hospital, the physician and Shared Health Services.

Q: Does Shared Health Services offer a quality improvement program?
A: Yes. We have a quality improvement audit titled, Strategic Ten-Point Audit Report (STAR), which was developed by our company president, who has served as a Joint Commission Surveyor. We will survey your Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center at least semiannually. Our STAR Audit consist of a review of documentation, preventive maintenance, safety, patient and physician satisfaction, staff training, patient outcomes, etc.

Q: How long are your wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy contracts?
A: The length of our contracts vary from hospital to hospital. Our standard contract length is five years; however, many of our current hospital partners have been with us for over ten years. We strive to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our partner hospitals through an ongoing commitment to quality customer service and attention to detail.

Q: How long has Shared Health Services been in business?
A: We started in business in 1996.

Q: Where does Shared Health Services currently have contracted hospital partners?
A: We currently partner with hospitals from Pennsylvania to Florida.

Q: How many patients usually have chronic wounds?
A: On average around 3% of your population will have a need for Wound Care services and around 10% - 12% of all wound patients will qualify for and meet clinically proven indications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


Once your Wound Treatment Center is established, our involvement is ongoing, with day-to-day management of the facility, and continuing in-service education for all your Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy employees.

And in addition to our own expertise, we are able to bring in other nationally-known consultants and industry experts to maximize our value to our contracted institutions...

If you would like to improve your profitability, and the quality of life in your community, give us a call at 1-800-474-0202.