a full-service provider

The value of adding a comprehensive Wound Care program provided by Shared Health Services, Inc. is really three-fold.


Value / Accountability / Quality


The hospital bottom line will be impacted by the additional out-patient revenue stream not only by wound center encounters but the significant amount of spin-off dollars generated from the ancillary services needed to support the wound center i.e. labs, diagnostics, durable medical supplies, operative procedures. The wound center will also attract a unique patient population to hospital services who currently patron other medical providers.

The Physician Practice will increase profit margin by implementing a new stream of service currently not offered. Doctors participating in the clinic reap the rewards of a partnership in good health, without the burdens of increased time expenditures, expert staffing and costly equipment that the clinic provides. With little or no overhead costs their participation can prove to be quite lucrative.


Post operative wound openings are the second most serious complication of surgery resulting in averagely, 9 extra days of hospitalization, $40,000 in extra treatment costs, and a 10% increase in mortality. (AHRQ 2003)

The quantity and complexity of operative procedures has significantly risen in the past decade without contiguous programs that support post operative complications. The hospital can expect significant savings in decreased lengths of stay, as well as low profitability re-admissions and unnecessary ED visits.

3. DATA:

Health Information Technology (HIT) is not new to the industry. The billing enterprise has long been electronic for the most part. What’s new is actually drawing on the power of this technology to influence the core clinical enterprise itself. As the Health Care industry just begins to look at how to accomplish this feat, the wound and hyperbaric documentation system that we anticipate using in your Hospital’s Wound Center has already confirmed the benefits. The software promotes thorough documentation and evidence based pathways not by making clinicians work harder but by providing a system where the right thing to do is the easy thing to do. Potential carve-outs can be established to negotiate sole provider contracts with key managed care providers. The data will also augment any research or studies conducted in the wound center.

At Shared Health Services, we pay strict attention to detail. Primary importance is placed upon, not only the science and efficacy of our clinical process and services, but upon the validity and accuracy in our charting, coding, documentation and reimbursement, as well. Our copyrighted “STAR” Strategic Ten-point Audit Review insures that this high level of expectation and accountability is maintained throughout; and that all systems and programs are operating and being managed for our hospitals, as they should. We take great pride in making it easy to do business with and consider it our responsibility to safeguard our hospitals at all times.


Once your Wound Treatment Center is established, our involvement is ongoing, with day-to-day management of the facility, and continuing in-service education for all your Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy employees.

And in addition to our own expertise, we are able to bring in other nationally-known consultants and industry experts to maximize our value to our contracted institutions...

If you would like to improve your profitability, and the quality of life in your community, give us a call at 1-800-474-0202.